25 years ago today I walked through the doors of the Pediatric ICU at UCSF. 

I have never left.

I found my HOME,  my second family, my love of working with critically ill children and their families.

I would NOT change a day of the last 25 years.

I have learned so much, cared so much, and been inspired every single shift by the greatness around me.

I work with the BEST of the BEST!!

I am surrounded by nurses who give 100% and work as the MOST AMAZING TEAM together.

I am so fortunate to have come to this place and be a part of this incredible group of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, administration…….

it is above and beyond 24/7.

Today I am humbled by my time in the PICU. 

I have seen so many amazing moments, shared life and death with people who are family to me.

I have held the hands of worried parents, grieving parents and many new nurses along my journey.

My 3 boys know that their health is so important; they have learned to not take a single day for granted.

Most of the nurses in the unit have watched the boys grow and inquire about them as I share my “boy” stories.

THANK YOU to my family in the PICU for taking such good care of me, my 3 boys and of course all the grateful patients and families who enter the doors of the PICU on a daily basis.

I am BLESSED…..now pass the Kleenex and the champagne!!!!