I always joke that my sister lives in a log cabin on the top of a mountain in Idaho.

Last week I got to go to that top of the mountain and while it was no log cabin………..

it was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

4 years ago she moved, retired, got out of dodge……

We were always close……. but I missed her being so close.

When life took a turn for me, my sister was there supporting me, listening to me, letting me cry.

She is one of my closest friends

Spending 5 days with her meant the WORLD to me.

I was surrounded by the nature side of beauty and my sisters type of tough love that was JUST what I needed.

She refilled my empty gas tank as we cried, hugged and laughed together so much.

 Thank you Stacey for sharing your beautiful home and all the amenities…

(that soaking tub has MY name on it) love Dr. Teals 🙂

and for caring for me so much…………. I cried SO hard when I left AND got home.

I LOVE YOU Stacey and cherish our time together.

I will be BACK SOON with the BOYS!!!!!!!!

Can they soak in your brand new tub???


There will be a PART 2 to this post that will include THIS little BEAUTY……..

MISS U Elsie Mae!!!!