7000 nurses!!!!!!!!

All in one convention center celebrating the MAGNET certification process…..

100 of us from UCSF descended on LA wearing TOP hats and SF gear as UCSF just obtained Magnet certification

You could pick ribbons to let  others know all your SERIOUS credentials or FUN ones….hmmmmmmm

We  CELEBRATED from Staples Center to Universal Studios!

IT was an Event.

Magnet status for a hospital means the nurses are EXCELLENT and involved in the daily decisions that keep the hospital moving forward.

I was honored to attend…honored to be part of the process and now home EXHAUSTED!!!!!

Of course we did sneak out to see the GIANTS win and ran into LL Cool J…….

The memories are making me SMILE and I am and always will be so PROUD of my time in LA!!!!

My hotel was on HOPE street which is FUN!!

Of course the MOST popular top hat was the GIANTS theme…..GO GIANTS!!!!