Philosophy did it again. A great new fresh scent and a great message…...

I LOVE and try to LIVE the LAST line……

I have been in coffee mode this week discovering 2 new favorites……..














We night nurses know a good cup of coffee…

We also know good music and lip gloss (Well I speak for myself on the last one)

My new favorite CD is RED by Taylor Swift (go figure…..) and my new lip gloss……..

the title speaks for itself……….

























Speaking of hot mamas….Ryan gets told all the time how much he looks like Matt Cain from the Giants

I caught Ryan in a rare photographic mood ( HUH?) and you can see the resemblance

Thanks for that smile RY 🙂

Guess who he was for Halloween????

When I am done drinking coffee and want to relax, I grab this bag of my new FAVORITE and find peace.

If you mix some with baby oil gel and use as a scrub in the shower you will thank me later.

Another hint it’s $4.99 at Target $8.69 at Walgreens…………’re welcome