IMG_0887                                        Nic in the middle of this shot during practice

Back in the day, making a basket in a basketball game was called just that a BASKET!

Now I am told by my 15-year-old son that it is making BUCKETS!

I liked that word,  but he told me I couldn’t use the word


I was not a “baller” and  only “ballers” can use the lingo…….


It’s THAT time of year again……..MY FAVORITE sport!!!!

BOTH boys are playing for the A team and I am one proud Mama sitting in the stands……

IMG_9513A girl in Ryan’s class did this portrait of him and I thought it was soooo cute.

Don’t tell him I said that , but it touched my heart.

Getting ready for the Holiday rush………

not much in the mood this year

but I did get a smile from my creative coworkers who turned syringes into a Menorah
IMG_0882I told you I worked with the Best of the Best…….

Here’s to some Holiday Baking…….17029304810651658_yo1tl1NA_b91127592431796422_GFRSZOvL_b