In my almost 26 years in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit I have seen many, many miracles.

That is why I stay. 

People often ask me” Isn’t it hard to work with sick or dying children?”

My answer is always yes, but then I have a patient like my one the other night and I am recommitted to my life’s calling.

She was 10.

She has cancer.

She has a very poor prognosis.

She had 1000 cranes hanging from the ceiling of her room.

They were breathtaking.  I stood in awe for a few minutes.

I have had other patients who have had the cranes draped around their room.

This collection was FANTASTIC…….the colors….. the way the light hit them.

I was speechless.

She and her Dad let me take a picture as long as they weren’t in it they said 🙂

Her Dad inspired me with his devotion to his daughter.

He showed me a book about the cranes and told me the group who makes them gets to make a WISH.

Her piano class made the cranes.

There is a website


I am recommitted to my profession every time I walk through the doors of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.