photoI am starting this post out with a picture of SERENITY in my book.

I wish my last week looked like THAT.

I would walk and walk…..

Instead I got to spend time in the hospital with THIS kid……

IMG_1249Can you find the fracture?

Yes, my youngest Ryan rounded first base in baseball and landed oops on his ring finger.

It required 2 pins placed in the OR to keep it together.

There could be a separate blog post about my LOVE for orthopedic surgeons, but they are all married ……Darn….

I still drool over the surgeon who put Drews elbow back together……….

Anyway on to the week…….My car broke, the boy fell, I had repeat ultrasounds for my breast cancer scare as I do every 6 months, challenging patients at work, a new opportunity for me, family drama, TO DO list getting LONGER

YOU get the PICTURE…….


WELL THIS is a BETTER picture of my one-armed buddy helping me be in AWE of my FAVORITE margarita mix ON SALE
IMG_1253OK ……….so maybe I like to STOCK up……Don’t judge πŸ™‚

Bring your own limes and I’ll share πŸ™‚

I took lots of hot showers to regroup and cry sometimes


IMG_1258IMG_1260HERES to a BETTER Week!!!!!