TODAY is my 50th birthday……

The cake above was one of my 2 VERY SPECIAL birthday cakes made by my VERY SPECIAL nurse friends who know me VERY well.

I DID NOT want the traditional Happy 50th Birthday Cake and asked them to put their baking skills to great use for me.

They came through.

Why the LEGO cake?

Ever since Nic was young, I would pick up random Legos he left behind and hold on to them.

I soon found myself with QUITE a collection.

Last year I started putting them in the vent in my car and they made me SMILE

My friend Winnie, who I drive home when we work together said they would make a cute cake………..THEY DID

THANK YOU Winnie!!!


This next cake was made with LOVE by my good friend Kristin who made a similar cake for a bridal shower.

I told her how much I loved it and well kinda asked if she would make me one for my 50th!!! 🙂

It is surrounded by Kit Kats…whats NOT to LOVE!!

It was YUMMY!!!!!

THANK YOU Kristin!!!

It has been the BEST Birthday YET!!!!!

I LOVE being 50 so far!!!