People told me about it…..

“Yeah, FRENCH subtitles…… not REALLY my thing” I said

THEN the final person in the form of my 6’3″ , middle son SHOWED me the You Tube video.

THAT was it!!!

We both were so touched by the preview.

The movie is called The Intouchables and just the next night, I held captive all 3 of my boys with this FANTASTIC, TOUCHING, MUST SEE movie

ALL 3 THANKED me for getting it and sharing it with them.

There are many GREAT scenes, BUT THIS one captures the FUN between a caretaker and his patient.

RUN to your nearest Redbox, and along the way grab a bottle of FRENCH Champagne and maybe a croissant or a side of fries………

YOU will THANK ME or Merci Me and soon be telling ALL your friends

Sorry to all my friends who have heard this broken record a thousand times…..

Wee Wee