I know it’s the WRONG year…but I did it intentionally.

Last November 9th was a very important day in my life.

First of all, it was the BIRTHday of one of my VERY close friends and Second of all, it was a day of ReBIRTH for me.

I filed papers that day to end my almost 23 year marriage. One year later, I have NOT one regret. I learned firsthand a life lesson in honesty.

For the privacy of my 3 fabulous boys, I will not go into the details of this decision but to say it was the ONLY choice I had given the circumstances.

The boys support and love me unconditionally and we are EVERYDAY growing closer in our new family life…

IT is VERY TRUE when they say that boys are PROTECTIVE of their mother.

I see it, feel it and love it firsthand…….SO Blessed …….

THANK YOU boys for holding my hand…….


Now back to my friend……..She’s a Hot Tamale to my Junior Mint…….she has a laugh that is contagious and makes me laugh all the more……:)

She held my hand and let me cry last week when I couldn’t decide which piece of furniture to take from my now SOLD house.

She was covered in sweat as she ran over to my house to support my “moment”…… I DID give her a paper towel……:)

She is the ear I confide in, the heart that loves me when I have a good or bad day and shows me EVERYDAY what TRUE friendship looks like.

I have called in many favors, but we are now like sistas and our bond gives us BOTH strength….

She ALSO cares for my boys as they were her own. Whats not to APPRECIATE?

THANK YOU for being my FRIEND……

I appreciate YOU Norma and LOVE you with ALL my heart and soul.


NOW for the MARGARITA MOMENT this weekend to CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHdays!!!!