THIS song…….Fills my heart.

Today I celebrate my Dad….the man who guided me in the RIGHT direction every time.

We fought…….I was (am) stubborn.……I fought his advice for so many years.

BUT one day he took me aside and said “Shauna go to nursing school…I will make it work”

I did…he DID


Not a day goes by that I don’t THANK HIM for all his support. I tell the boys my many DAD stories and how blessed I was to have had him in my corner.

Living in the house I grew up in makes me remember quite clearly who I was and who I want to be…….

I try every shift caring for critically ill children and their families to make my Dad proud.

“There but for the GRACE of God go I”

I celebrate my Dad today and the 3 sons who bless me with their unconditional love

Its hard to look at them and know they are all MEN now not my boys


We are a Party of 4 and I am GRATEFUL for them EVERYday…….one day they will be Fathers…