Last week as I was writing of my younger sons upcoming birthdays, my heart was HEAVY….

Thoughts of an emotional week for my oldest son weighed on my mind….

The demise of my marriage unfortunately played out in front of my 3 sons as a letter came in the mail one day telling me the TRUTH about my husband….

No more needs to be said, but from that letter forward, I was DONE, gone leaving the LIES behind

Each son reacted to this life event in their own way.

My oldest was my strength

My middle son was angry and

My youngest protective


One fateful Sunday 2 plus years ago, my oldest asked me to go walk on the beach with him…..

There he told me of a mistake he made and how he needed my help and as we both sobbed, I promised him I would be there every step of the way….

He made a choice and it resulted in him losing his license and going to court and doing community service

YOU get the picture right?


The mountain was a climb, the challenges great. …..

BUT after 2 long years of not driving, I handed him the keys back to his car…….

I sobbed

I am crying now writing this…..

I am so PROUD of how he handled this life lesson and blessed with his neverending support of me in my journey to Truth.