I told my story to quite a few locals in Maui….

I sold my wedding ring and bought myself a trip to Maui…

I heard so much Wow, that’s so cool…

I DID it for ME….and it was one of my BEST decisions EVER!


The water brought me the peace I was craving and the time gave me what I needed to complete my healing journey


I met so many people who touched my heart & my soul with their kindness & words……

I will be forever grateful for my time away & my circle of friends who support & love me everyday in everyway

I did save from my ring the baguette diamonds from my Mothers original wedding ring to turn them into earrings ..


My heart is so full of love & I CHOOSE JOY everyday

THANK U to my sons for holding down the house & my furry friends for me ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️