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They LOOK Innocent Enough........

I KNOW…they are cute and yummy…….BUT THESE gummy bears have bellies filled with vodka.

NO WAY????

Oh yes, Candy has become the  NEW ADULT treat and I for one can’t wait to try them!!!

Party appetizer anyone????

I have been seeing these gummies and other candies on Pinterest and it tempts me every time

Here are mine chilling in the frig……I ate just one and saw stars for a minute…WOW!!!!!

Now they are bringing in Skittles…….

You could spend the day like a MAD Scientist with your kids candy.

I DID warn the boys HANDS OFF and double sealed my jar of bears

Those bears could cause a SERIOUS nap time …don’t you think??

My motto for the week AND of COURSE……….Happy candy experiments……

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