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After 2 pretty serious posts, I was OUT looking for FUN!!!!!

Something to lighten me up…cheer me up…make me LAUGH!!!!!

THIS picture of Nic did it for a few minutes……

He could have picked out ANYTHING from the Giant’s dugout store and THIS was his CHOICE….

Typical Nic

Now Ryan on the other hand, got the same offer……….pick out what you want.

He came home with a Buster Posey T-shirt.

I asked him why just a T-shirt?

He said very matter of factly………

“Mom, there was so much to choose from and MOST OF IT WAS WAY OVERPRICED”


Did you hear that Drew??????

YOUR turn next or ……….. NOT!!!!!!!

I have been loading up on the LATEST in fraternity wear for YOU this week…

Sperry top siders?????……….I never thought……….:)

IN other happiness…….

Nic plays basketball on Monday nights in a league where the referee

always looks MAD…

I like to joke that He NEEDS a Happy Meal to cheer him up…….. possibly supersized

The other night after the game Nic got a Happy Meal in honor of said referee……..

Ryan got small fries

Can this box get any cuter or the fries any smaller?

Cheering myself up one HAPPY meal at a TIME…..

or one drink at a time from THIS place

Just the name makes it worth the trip right???

BLISS……….LOVE the word……..Nice place to spend a Sunday……..


WHY is THIS boy covered in MUD is the question?

IT has been a much-anticipated item. Some say they wait by the mailbox for IT to arrive. The IT I am talking about is the Lobre 5 Christmas card. Yes, we know we are FUN. We know are creative..

THIS year, we know we are FAILURES.

In years past, we played Where’s Waldo with OUR family hiding among people our friends and family didn’t lots of WHO are these people ????comments.

One year, we made REAL snowballs and had the boys hold them and then THROW them

(at me, the photographer, no less)!

Last year,we enlisted the help of our favorite rodent Ruby to star as Ruby the RED eyed rodent. So sweet…..

BUT MY favorite so far was the year our neighbors had life-sized Wiseman in their front yard and the boys posed among them for the caption

The 3 WISEmen MEET the 3 WISEguys.

THAT was a hit!!

So sorry, friends, family, random was a comedy of errors this year and went something like this……

We TRIED the at home cozy shot……..  RED or rather GLOWING eyes EVERYWHERE……

We THEN ventured OUTDOORS ( never a good idea in white for US) to take a bigger family portrait at the Palace of Fine Arts. White tops was the color request….. mmmmm

It was a rainy day and on the way down the hill to the perfect picture spot, Mr. Ryan slid and fell, not once, not twice, BUT four times. Covered in mud, he was quite a sight.

The bigger sight was his 2 brothers who could not stop laughing and were sliding right next to him.

At least The Palace looks clean…….Well. there is ALWAYS next year!!!!

Happy Holidays from the Lobre 5!!

I EVEN tried to hide the mud with an umbrella




EVEN Ozzy wanted NO part of the MUD!!!

Maybe, I should stick to a landline 🙂

It was BOUND to happen…… Busy day, hanging out with my Mom..a recipe for either a big glass of wine or a miscommunication. It went like this…….

My Mom and I were at Target shopping and I just happen to walk by the electronics department as the salesman was putting out the last 2 Kinect systems for Xbox…it is this years Tickle me Elmo and I was so excited, I bought one for the boys for Christmas.

They just saved all their money to buy an Xbox system, so it was PERFECT timing!!!

Now, let me BACK up and say that I had been texting Andrew earlier in the day to see if he was home as I had some leftovers from lunch and that boy loves a good leftover. Keeps him from stunting his growth. He is ONLY 6’5″ this week.

I never heard from him , so I went about my day.

After my find, I grabbed my phone and texted Mark the news..”Got the Kinect for the boys for Christmas!!!!” Sooo proud of my purchase, maybe THIS year I WILL be MOTHER of the year.:)

This was at about 2pm and I never heard back from Mark.

Dropped my Mom off, put a bottle of wine in the frig ( do you sense a theme here?) and left with Oz to get the boys.

On the way home, my phone went off…a text, and THIS is what it said…“Ohh, I will be playing that”

What??? I then looked at my phone and realized I sent ANDREW the text that was meant for Mark..I screamed and at the stop light texted back “No, that text was not meant for YOU”

“Too late now ” was the reply.

WWSD (What would SANTA do?)

No MORE sample ladies near ME!!!

It was my fault…it really was. I didn’t need it. It was a want. I saw the tall display of Perrier new flavored waters and had to get a 24 pack.

In the process of reaching up, my wallet fell into a garbage can .

Simple enough, pick up wallet and get on with my IMPULSIVE shopping. I am at COSTCO right?

No sooner do I pick up said wallet that I realize my phone is missing. Looking deep into the plastic bag, I see my phone at the BOTTOM in the swamp of coffee samples. Why did it have to fall next to the coffee sample lady?  why not the nut sample lady or the sausage sample lady?????

AND I will tell you, the coffee was NOT a good sample because the garbage was FILLED with full cups of coffee.

Phone dripping wet, I stood in shock and sticky as the phone was, I thought no problem, it will be all right.

A lady walking by told me to take it home, pack it in rice and it will dry out.

Rushing through the rest of my shopping, a few, oops, hundred more items to checkout, I go home.

Frantically searching for rice, I find some jasmine rice in a half full bag. In goes the phone and the waiting begins.

Two days in rice is the preferred remedy according to those who have been in my shoes.

My youngest came home and looked at the rice and said “Maybe if you cook it , it will help”

No go…..two days turned to four with no success.

Some buttons worked, like I could call someone, but could not hang up after the call…..I know I can chat, but really do know how to hang up 🙂

I broke down yesterday and replaced my rice infused phone and realized how nice it REALLY was to be unreachable for a few days.

I did miss texting my oldest son to just bother him, but otherwise did not miss checking my phone.

The quiet is over and I am now at the mercy of my youngest son to give me a tutorial on my new iPhone 4

( I did have to get a new phone didn’t I?)

The MOST important accessory THIS phone will get is a yellow slicker, aka, the BEST water-repellent cover I can find.

Next time you see me at Costco, I will be shopping for items on the bottom shelves.

Bring it on sample ladies…….

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