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I know the mornings are cold when I walk my dog Ozzy.

BUT I never expected the sidewalks to be icy……

Either did Ozzy, my faithful black lab as he slid first and me right after……. 


hit my right hip and elbow and almost my head.

IT was quite a moment.

The BEST part?

He came over to me and licked my frozen face and sat with me until I could muster the energy to sit up.



HI MOM!!!!

THAT FACE……….how could you not think only the BEST???

It started with a slice of pizza……….then a Costco muffin AND then ………THIS……….

The plate was FULL!!!!!

I came home from work to see that Ozzy had treated himself to some Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast………

Ozzy is our first dog………….he came with issues……….

Labs are known to be “counter surfers” which means they skim kitchen counters looking for food

Ozzy prefers to go right to the source……. the kitchen table.

We now know he can’t be trusted

This is his “I’m sorry” look…..

Head down "I'm sorry I can't help myself".......

Now NOTHING is left on the table especially THESE gems……

Where the ingredients should actually read like THIS……..

Tomorrow may be Presidents Day, but a MORE Important Holiday is coming up……..









Feb 22nd is National Margarita Day so let’s ALL GET OUT THERE and SUPPORT this VERY Important Day!!!!

Btw I am ALREADY ………..I know can you believe it?? …………working on my NEXT blog post…

It will be my bucket list

I was INSPIRED by this page…..


We can compare LISTS next week………

Some things are just not made to last. Take for instance the pedicure of a lifetime I had last Sunday. The nail technician spent over an hour and 15 minutes making every piggie pretty. She filed, she buffed , she massaged, she painted.

I was in HEAVEN in a massaging chair.

It was one of the BEST pedicures I have ever received.

I said  ” I must have your card” and knew I found a forever friend.

I picked out a perfect autumn color a nice dark rust and as I was admiring the color, realized I needed to get home for a dinner. My new BFF put on my flip-flops for me and I was on my way home skipping all the way!!

No sooner had I entered said home that one 60 lb black lab stepped and stayed on my big toe as his way of saying “Welcome Home”

Hellooooo MAMA!!!

REALLY? Forget Seriously……..this was a REALLY?

My heart sank as my toe was soon filled with drool from said dog who was sooo happy to see me.

I know he loves me, but REALLY my perfect pedicure????

It’s been 2 weeks since we welcomed the baby. He likes to sniff everything and sleeps in a crate at night surrounded by 2 boys who tell him about their day. He knows the word boy and fetch is his favorite game.

BTW….Who is this “Chuck It” guy and why didn’t I think of THAT?

Yes, I am writing about our new addition, a 60 lb. black lab named Ozzy. We are fostering to adopt him. He is “the perfect fit” as my sister says. He has made our house his home and the boys love him already.

I have not even had time to get him to sit still for a proper photo, but this is one of my favorites sent by his former family. He is a very important part of our family now and he makes us smile every day. He has his own post category already:)

Welcome Ozzy ” Air Jordan” Lobre, who has never met a ball he didn’t love….now to teach him to shoot baskets….

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