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THANK U TO ALL who made my 55th BIRTHDAY The BEST EVAH!!!!



BEST view EVER!!!!!! BEST view EVER!!!!!

On TOP of Fort Point

I had flashbacks to a grammar school field trip there….

Took Dragged the boys on one of those City by the Bay tourist buses that take you all over San Francisco…

It was a Groupon and it was FUN!!!!!

It was a small cozy group and we learned a lot……

It’s been a tough couple of weeks.

Trying to learn and teach a new computer charting system was STRESSFUL…..

I even brought my guidebook to review while getting my nails done

BUT Cosmo won that day!!!

I was doing a lot of work at home on the computer trying to make sense of all of it..


Ozzy helped………he didn’t mind when my discard papers would file on top of him

I would focus on nursing stuff for  a bit and then drift to blog land…
easily distracted ,I came to Julie of…………..
Julie is my “go to girl” ……….she NEVER fails me..
When I need inspiration………Julie is there (see her blog for official ice cream sandwich cake recipe)


THIS ice cream cake SAVED my week…… THAT good SAVED my week...














DONT judge the size of the spoon………it was there to scoop not eat…

BUT it could have been my MAIN utensil……….that good….

just ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, crushed cookies and syrup YEP….YUMMY!!!!



I like working at home if only I didn’t get soooooooo distracted and TRY to do TOO MUCH!!!!

Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra, Oprah

I was encouraged (strongly) by one of my best friends to join this class.

It was billed as 6 life changing classes.

They enriched my life.

They inspired.

They questioned.

They motivated.

Thank you best friend.

I especially liked Iyanla Vanzant……

She has so many wise words…….

STOP the PAIN means 






“Don’t Allow your situation to become YOUR world!!!!!!!”

Thank you Iyanla!!

Then there was Bishop T.D. Jakes…

He was a big bold voice who urged me to find my passion and follow it…


His words echo in my head in my daily life

Soooooooo powerful…

The finale was all 4 teachers joining together for a class in

Mastering the Art of Gratitude

The classes are over now BUT can be found online at Oprah’s OWN page…..

Take the time to learn……..I promise YOU will get something out of it

I know I did……..

Ryan has been learning some life lessons in the form of  batting practice.

Ryan LOVES all things baseball , but got off to a rough start, so to the batting cages we went….

Just like the majors, he wanted to hit it out of the park

He hit slow pitch, medium pitch and eventually found his grove

I applaud all his efforts……Keep up the GREAT work Ry!!!

He could be hanging around the Jamaican banana his brother won at Great America……

OH NIC of all the small prizes, the cute cuddly bears, the small compact snakes.…….

YOU PICK a banana that barely fit in my car and was as tall as you btw……

Happy CINCO de MAYO……….

Here’s a toast with the Mexican Bull I tried the other night at Chevy’s, a few days early since I work tonight……….

The flavor margarita of the month is banana……….now why didn’t I try that?

Wishing you a wonderful fruity type of day…….

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