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Friday March 23rd is a SPECIAL DAY!!!


It is a DAY to UNPLUG………..discharge and CONNECT with people

rather than texting them, calling them, IMing them….. Facebooking them…..


From SUNDOWN Friday 3/23 to SUNDOWN Sat 3/24………

A DAY to put your cell phone AWAY…….LOOK in a friends eyes……...

Heres a bag for your cell phone….

Just the other day a teacher in my Bikram yoga class called out a guy in the back row for texting in class………


I can barely move……….let alone text……….. plus my phone would be dripping in SWEAT!!!

I was also in the QUIET room at my favorite Spa and the girl next to me was typing away on her iPad

What did the front of the door say…….QUIET……


 Let’s give it a TRY….Be STILL 


  like being at The Westfield Mall before the doors open on your way to 


                                                                                                                                                                          The “Happiest Place on Earth”

I admit it…….Mornings are NOT my FAVORITE time of the day.

It is so that way in the HOUSE of LOBRE that…….

certain felines,



boys know better than to approach me


I have a LARGE mug of coffee in my hand.

The BIGGER... The BETTER!!!!!

I work NIGHTS people!!!!!!

After I become human, I goof around

 (read do important work)













on my 27 inch Mac that would keep me warm at night if I asked it to……

I then make my way to my Spa Shower with water galore and all the amenities…….

THIS morning I grabbed a bottle of my favorite Philosophy shampoo and began reading  as I do…….

I stopped mid lather………..the bottle was talking to me……

I have used all the grace Philosophy products over the years and love what their label says, but this shampoo stopped me  in my tracks…


“we dream of the perfect life, perfect health, the perfect relationship even perfect hair, in doing so we lose sight of the most perfect thing there is.

we call it “the perfect plan” it is the invisible energy life force that directs our every move, every triumph and every set back.

it is a master plan that requires no perfection, once you surrender to the plan you genuinely see the perfection of God’s plan.”

ALL in one lather…..AMAZING…….




I also get to spend QUALITY MORNING time with THIS beauty

I LIKE the BIG Bed!!!!














EVERY morning we pass THIS sign as we cut through the school yard on our morning walk

My glasses are foggy and as far as I know Ozzy can’t read, so we walk QUICKLY…….

We also see random things like…….

I KNOW..RANDOM BUT I like it!!!!

One DAY I am climbing THAT ladder.......

No …two weeks? It has been 2 weeks since my last post? That random act of kindness must have taken it  out of me. here’s why I am so behind..the blogdoginthefog Ozzy graduated from Doggie Manners School and his blog is getting more views than mine.

the oldest boy is applying (goofing around) to colleges and just completed midterms

the middle boy has a new girlfriend and is soooo almost 13

the youngest boy, well he is still sweet

Life has been hectic these last 2 weeks, but I make no excuse.

I am getting my act together .

Actually I am working 3 out of 4 nights this weekend,


I will try to get my act together for an inspiring post next week…let’s say late next week

Till then….. Bark you later..ooops that is Ozzy’s sign off……

I realized after I did my last post that Wake UP did not really describe my mood. I had just completed 3 night shifts in a row..yes, 12 hours each with one in the middle that kicked my butt (nursing talk for a really busy night). It was a 4th of July to always remember!

I was spent, but made it back for my 3rd to prove to my  16 year old that I could do prize, just the satisfaction of the smirk on my face.

It took me a few days after the butt kicking to get my feet back on the ground and coffee ruled my days and wine ruled my nights.

The other thing that helped me was the kind ear of friends, family and most of all my husband. Mark and my tuxedo cat Miss Honey win the award this week of great listeners. When Mark fell asleep, Miss Honey took his spot and in her way made me realize I was going to get out of my funk.

Caring for critically ill children is complex, challenging, frustrating and the most rewarding career I could ever have chosen. It also means you as the nurse have to fill your cup sometimes and give back. I forget that sometimes.

I owe a lot of my sanity to the people in my life who I love more than they will ever know.

Bless you my family, my friends, my felines and yes, Ozzy, you are now in my circle of sanity!!!!

Now as I grow a year older and hopefully wiser, I cherish those who help me get by when my spirit fails me.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my grateful ❤

The finish line is within REACH!!!!!

Stop and Smell the coffee?

Two weeks off! Write it again. Two weeks off!!!!

I just completed a 3 night-shift in a row work schedule and now have 2 weeks off..the rest of this week and then next week because it is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I always take my birthday week off. I don’t really do anything special during the week, but like to slowly adjust to the idea that I am one year older and of course one year wiser.

So much time and so many overdue projects. I hope to get a lot checked off of my to do list, but also want some R&R.

It’s time for me to Wake UP or shall I sleep in? …these next two weeks will tell…..Best

It has been a grateful week. Life is coming full circle in a lot of areas here. My oldest son is now well healed from his pin and wire removal two weeks ago in his elbow and our new “baby” Ozzy “C.S.I.” black lab is keeping us busy.

We are all on the “DOG DIET”…chuck it….nap…and then do it all again.

We are VERY grateful for Ozzy.

He will have his own blog soon, so look for his first post at

I found out this week my blog has been nominated for a Social Luxe award.

How that came to be was a surprise, but a very welcome surprise.

It is my goal this year to learn more about blogging..the process, the sponsors etc, so I am attending a Bloggy Boot Camp in August. I am really looking forward to it and meeting all the great bloggers I am “friends” with.

Rock on.

Although I have no chance of winning in my category Most Inspiring Blog, please feel free to give me a vote or two and check out some of the other fantastic blogs in the different categories.

You can check it out here

Thank you from my very grateful <3. (that’s heart in text speak 🙂 )       Heart With Stars

There is hope for those who value their sleep 🙂

I LOVE my life. Don’t get me wrong, but there are some moments in my life that rank higher than others.

I work at night. Just writing that should explain my love for sleeping in, quiet in the morning and in general the comfort of my bed.

BUT, when you live in a house with 3 boys and  3 cats, excuse my slang…..that “just ain’t happening sometimes”.

Let’s take the other day for example. Spirit Week at school, searching for the color assigned for the day, loud voices, louder meows and my pillow over my head not quite cutting it today.

The morning routine in my house is multiple wake up calls, the smell of bagels and Captain Crunch, clanging of orange juice cups and fighting over who gets to read the comics first. One son smacks the other and then the voices raise, the doors slam and I am out of sleeping luck. Some days, I am reminded of that Bill Cosby skit where he talks about his kids and the”He’s touching me” routine. I live that on a daily basis.

I then have to wander downstairs, bed head in tow and give them my “You woke me up for what?” look. They don’t like this look and it can usually get them moving in the right direction, but it depends on who did what that particular morning.

Then with teeth brushed, shoes tied, lunches packed, OFF they go….

THEN it is MY favorite TIME of the day. You can hear the house smile and my heart flutter. Just me and 3 cats,who got the sleeping thing down. We, quietly, as not to disturb the happy house, make our way back to bed.

Next stop…..slumber and then for my first cup of coffee which deserves a post of its own!!!

Seriously! I got an email that one of my favorite beauty stores was looking for members to be on a focus group and be paid $100. All you had to do was to call the next day between 8am and 7pm and mention a certain representatives name and the company’s name. I started off early… 8am yes sir, the “sleeping in queen” dialed from under the covers of her bed and got… what? leave a message? ok, try again.  Next attempt, leave a message again. This went on for the next few hours and determined as I was, it was getting old.

I finally tried one last time and got a person on the other end. She answered with her name and  YES, it was the golden ticket name and as I said I am calling for, she said “Don’t waste your breath, I know what you are calling about” REALLY?

Said representative then went on to tell me she had 462 messages on her machine and what did the company do email everyone? “How old are you” she barked. “46” I replied, “Ok, she said, ” you are in, all you have to do is answer a few questions”. She asked about focus groups from the past and as she asked, I could hear the alveoli in her lungs struggle to remain open.Yes, she was a smoker and I, a nurse doing a respiratory assessment. I then told her I was quite chatty and would fit in fine. She then said, I kid you not… “Well, I think you are a bitch” Yes, you read that right, customer service to die for. REALLY?

I was appalled at the comment, but really wanted to get in this survey, so went along with the title. I would be a queen bitch to get the $100.

She then, in her labored breathing, said “Oh no, you are out…. out, I said”. What? “Let me read you the exceptions to the focus group she stated, “doctors, pharmacists, nurses” yes nurses, even brave ones who work in pediatric intensive care units. “Oh really, don’t they mean just the nurses who practice in spas like laser hair removal ? etc,” I asked.”No, it means all nurses”, heavy breathed back the real queen of niceness.

There you have it ….a day in the life. I told this story to my 16-year-old and laughed so hard, I was crying. It was an experience to say the least, but don’t you know, I signed up to be considered for other focus groups with this company.

Now all I can hope is that I get the same representative. That would make my day…REALLY!


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