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 People told me about it…..

“Yeah, FRENCH subtitles…… not REALLY my thing” I said

THEN the final person in the form of my 6’3″ , middle son SHOWED me the You Tube video.

THAT was it!!!

We both were so touched by the preview.

The movie is called The Intouchables and just the next night, I held captive all 3 of my boys with this FANTASTIC, TOUCHING, MUST SEE movie

ALL 3 THANKED me for getting it and sharing it with them.

There are many GREAT scenes, BUT THIS one captures the FUN between a caretaker and his patient.

RUN to your nearest Redbox, and along the way grab a bottle of FRENCH Champagne and maybe a croissant or a side of fries………

YOU will THANK ME or Merci Me and soon be telling ALL your friends

Sorry to all my friends who have heard this broken record a thousand times…..

Wee Wee


7000 nurses!!!!!!!!

All in one convention center celebrating the MAGNET certification process…..

100 of us from UCSF descended on LA wearing TOP hats and SF gear as UCSF just obtained Magnet certification

You could pick ribbons to let  others know all your SERIOUS credentials or FUN ones….hmmmmmmm

We  CELEBRATED from Staples Center to Universal Studios!

IT was an Event.

Magnet status for a hospital means the nurses are EXCELLENT and involved in the daily decisions that keep the hospital moving forward.

I was honored to attend…honored to be part of the process and now home EXHAUSTED!!!!!

Of course we did sneak out to see the GIANTS win and ran into LL Cool J…….

The memories are making me SMILE and I am and always will be so PROUD of my time in LA!!!!

My hotel was on HOPE street which is FUN!!

Of course the MOST popular top hat was the GIANTS theme…..GO GIANTS!!!!

OK …..I KNOW THIS is a post about my bucket list items,

BUT I have to start with a FAVORITE PIN from Pinterest this week…(

Having 3 boys and knowing one day 3 lucky, lucky women will take them off my hands.

THIS PIN make me laugh out LOUD….

Maybe it is a Mom of 3 boys thing…..

Ok NOW to THIS post…..













I have MY Bucket List Courtesy of

Do U ??????


Seriously…December 15th?? 10 days till the MAN comes???

No way……YES way……Ok…….

NOW it is the 16th…….it took me a WHOLE day to get back to this post…

I  am AMAZED at how behind I am and how NOT in the SEASON mood I am this year


Guilt from McDonald’s……


Taking LONG walks instead of shopping……..

Admiring OTHER people’s lights and creativity…..

The Christmas Story LAMP deserved 2 pictures














I will get in the mood ………

I know I will…………maybe

it may just be at the last-minute……

Macys’s has me trapped…..












For me this year , it is all about GRATITUDE………..


Every October, my favorite basket company Longaberger hosts a Horizon of Hope Luncheon to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is one of the nicest events I have attended.

There are great speakers, delicious food and wine and fabulous people all coming together for a CAUSE!!!

Not only is it a WONDERFUL event , it is inspiring and full of HOPE!!!

My grandmother passed away from metastatic breast cancer the year I decided to become a nurse.

She was a nurse.

She was a nurses nurse.

She knew how to make EVERYTHING better.

She taught me so much about how to care for people….

She taught me to cherish a good cup of tea with people you love

hold close those who mean the world to you 

and IF YOU KNOW ME…… my love for lemon drop candies.

They always remind me of her and her filled candy jar.

I myself have recently had a breast cancer scare and have some repeat testing to do.

I know it will all be fine, but events like  Horizon of Hope fill me with great appreciation for all the support that is available.

Do something nice for someone today

Write a handwritten note to a friend

Smile randomly at a stranger on the street

Make someones day!!!!

Do it just because you can…..


Sometimes in the wee hours of the night, you learn things….

you learn things about the FANTASTIC people you work with….

and they make you go…..hmmm………

Take for example one of my FAVORITE night respiratory therapists Alec……..he loves Star Wars……….

he loves Star Wars sooo much…

THIS is HIS dog

MADE you look TWICE huh????

AMAZING right?????













This photo made the boys do a double take and say “what the????”

Speaking of dogs, MY dog Ozzy loves his walks…….

he OWNS the block.……

so the other day when a neighbor put up THIS sign…….

Ozzy was SAD …….

THAT doesn't look like ME????

We are VERY responsible dog owners, so we told Oz to run it off and not to take it personally….

Have BALL..will TRAVEL










Son # 1 is home from Hawaii ( sometimes it is easier just to number them)

Waiting for photos…………..helloooooooooooo your mother has a blog post to write….

Made him his favorite dinner and THIS cake……..

MOVE over Betty Crocker....









His flight got delayed TWICE, so Ryan and I decided THIS cake NEEDED to be cut…

YUMMY with  a glaze EVEN

Kind friends ALWAYS make me SMILE …….and I am BLESSED with quite a few

I received THESE flowers from a Mom whose son slept over the other night

He can sleep over ANYTIME.....









I leave you on a SWEET note………SMORES……



a SMORE made with a square, FLAT  MARSHMALLOW

Yep, found em calling out to me in the aisle of Target

Are YOU KIDDING me?????













It seems like yesterday he took his first steps………

TODAY he walked across a stage in a large, hot, crowded Church to accept his high school diploma.

I didn’t cry……..yet, I am filled with so much emotion…….

He is my first-born and it has been 17 years of learning, loving, dedicating my life to teaching him right, wrong….lessons of life

Some days, I feel like I have been successful, other days, I feel like a failure

Being a mother is probably the hardest job no one tells you about…….

The "GOLDEN" ticket!!!!















He has made great friends…..they eat me out of house and home, but are ALWAYS welcome here…….they laugh, they torment the other 2, but they are family…..


NO picture is COMPLETE without "Ryno" as they call HIM 🙂

I am glad he will be close, so we can learn this college thing together

( I have 2 more to go :))

He got housing with a kitchen, so he is ‘ALL SET” he says…… boxes to be packed…

I am soooooooo proud of YOU Drew




Yes, the wine is great in the Russian River Valey…it is a treat to go wine tasting, BUT what I go for is the QUIET, the R&R, the time away……

and I LOVE The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. It is my home away from home. I have stayed twice now with my better half and feel like family.

JUST like in the PICTURE....

YOU are taken care of head to toe and the on site spa, magical breakfast, bath bar, 2 person jacuzzi in the room

Need I go on……



WHAT???? Why is Andrew's car in the driveway?


Andrew took MY spot in the driveway…WHEN the cat’s away..the rat oops mouse will PLAY!!!! BUT I still cherish the time away with Mark…the quiet..oh if ONLY they could bottle it…….THANK YOU Farmhouse friends

ALSO, THANK YOU Instagram for the FUN pictures…makes me LOVE my iphone camera more and more each day. Best app EVER!!!!

The INN cat Charlotte joined us for a night......

OK, so maybe one glass.....

A rose is a rose?

I am really starting to enjoy photography. Now don’t get me wrong, I am NO Ansel Adams, but I like looking at things in my day and putting them in picture mode.

Some examples…Mocha , the most beautiful Himalayan cat ,who CHOOSES to live OUTSIDE got caught in my rose picture….Sooooooo pretty, YET she likes to live in our backyard with her mother.

We TRIED to get her in the house………she hid in my car engine when we brought her in…SPOILED outside cat

What do you mean the neighbors are MISSING their Kohl's coupons???

I am not saying that Mark may or may have not taken some extra Kohl’s coupons from our neighbors papers as he walked Ozzy in the morning…I may just have extras…….I am not saying…..

It is so easy to get CAUGHT UP in all the craziness your day has to offer, so……

Take a MOMENT and see things in a different way…….APPRECIATE all the little things that appear before YOU…..

a smile from a 9-year-old who hangs with you at Trader Joes when no one else will

a group of 17 year olds hanging in your family room, playing Fifa Soccer and yelling so loud, it makes a certain black dog bark.

THEY are having fun and I know where they are…… I also enjoy watching them EAT oh, how they EAT….Snacks anyone?

a 13-year-old who goes to the Justin Bieber movie just to hang oops hear the girls scream…ummm…Never say Never Nic….

It is all about FINDing the BEAUTY in SMALL things……..or TALL things in my house.

Zits Cartoon for 12/31/2010

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