Having a Beautiful Service for my Mom included so MUCH support & kindness from these and so many other people….my friends ❤️️❤️


part of the time spent preparing for my Moms service included a visit from my sister….

We have not ALWAYS seen eye to eye BUT she is one of the MOST talented women I know… Seriously

She has this “eye” for the little things that make a difference and the “big” things like moving my bedroom 📺 out of my room😘 and maybe getting rid of stuff I was holding onto 🤗😘

Heres some of her “touches” in my home that STILL make me SMILE….

Thank U Stacey…..

The door is ALWAYS OPEN for a visit…….


One Day At a Time 🕰⏰🕰⏰



It’s been a WEEK……..just ONE WEEK and I FEEL so MUCH….

Memories flood my mind as I look around HER house, filled with HER treasures

SOOOOOO Honored to have been her daughter…….


I LOVE U and MISS U MOMba39c8da46c7e40a0a4f6827a9bc3e26.jpg


If you are looking for me lately, I have a new Favorite place…….the sights, smells and the bench dedications alone get to me……..

My Happy Place to walk with special friends and take a DEEP breath……..

LOVE U Linda Mar Trail….Pacifica State Beach…..



If you see ME on the road……say HI………




Call it a job hazard…..

I just know that even after almost 29 years as a PICU nurse, I still feel so much for those in my care…… Especially when it hits home.

Last night, I helped to admit a previously healthy 10 month old boy who had been throwing up for no reason. His mother was so distraught, all alone with her husband at home with her two other children. I helped settle her in the PICU, brought her some water and juice and tried to calm her fears.

Her son was quite ill, taken quickly to CT Scan that showed some damage to his bowel and he was soon being rushed to surgery.

Now this is where the close to home part comes in……..

The mother kept asking my coworker and I “He’s gonna be ok right? You guys have seen this before and they are fine after right?”

My heart got so heavy…. Luckily my coworker was more composed and provided her with the best answer he could.


When my middle son was 18 DAYS old, he started throwing up bile…

We rushed him to the doctor and were quickly told he could have a serious bowel obstruction. We were sent to Kaiser SF where an incarcerated umbilical hernia was diagnosed and he was taken to surgery that was performed by a world renowned pediatric surgeon I knew from UCSF who just happened to be covering that Saturday!

All went well…he’s now 18 YEARS old, BUT I remember THAT day like it was yesterday and the memories are strong …..

So how did it all go last night?

The patient did well and I did what any night nurse would do…showed the Mom lots of TLC and made sure she got all the information and support she needed…


I came home this am and cried…..



Last week as I was writing of my younger sons upcoming birthdays, my heart was HEAVY….

Thoughts of an emotional week for my oldest son weighed on my mind….

The demise of my marriage unfortunately played out in front of my 3 sons as a letter came in the mail one day telling me the TRUTH about my husband….

No more needs to be said, but from that letter forward, I was DONE, gone leaving the LIES behind

Each son reacted to this life event in their own way.

My oldest was my strength

My middle son was angry and

My youngest protective


One fateful Sunday 2 plus years ago, my oldest asked me to go walk on the beach with him…..

There he told me of a mistake he made and how he needed my help and as we both sobbed, I promised him I would be there every step of the way….

He made a choice and it resulted in him losing his license and going to court and doing community service

YOU get the picture right?


The mountain was a climb, the challenges great. …..

BUT after 2 long years of not driving, I handed him the keys back to his car…….

I sobbed

I am crying now writing this…..

I am so PROUD of how he handled this life lesson and blessed with his neverending support of me in my journey to Truth.




I know TIME FLIES but REALLY????

These two are about to be 14 & 18 


I remember like it was YESTERDAY taking THIS photo……

My time with them means the WORLD to ME

WE talk..WE share..They have my FULL attention….

and my heart and they KNOW it…..

Happy Birthday MY 2 of 3 sons……who were once tiny boys who looked up to me…..

now its all about me looking up to them

at 6′ 3″ 6′ 4″ LOL



I started this blog years ago to highlight my PASSION for nursing and RECOGNIZE the profession.

In recent years, it has become more personal for me as I went through lots of life changes.

My devotion to nursing never changed, but I began to prioritize myself more and my 3 sons and my circle of friends.



Last week, I had the opportunity to sit in on new graduate nurse interviews.

1000 applicants….6 positions…..

The look in their eyes…The desire to become the ONE………

It INSPIRES me to know that I will be able to mentor these new nurses soon and help them grow

Well that and I am also planning on retiring in 6 years, so SOMEONE has to take my position …..

Today I CELEBRATE my LOVE for nursing and the relationships that form when you work with the BEST people EVER!!!!


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